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Tax Preparation

Tax preparation is our specialty. We use dependable software and undergo extensive training to ensure your tax return is prepared correctly the first time, on time. You can have the peace of mind knowing
Someone preparing taxes with pen and paper
Someone auditing taxes for resolution

Tax Resolution

IRS problems? We can help. Nobody wants the IRS on their back and we have the experience to help you be free again. We work closely with tax attorneys to help get closure as quickly as possible.

Prepare your tax return yourself online

Do you want to prepare your own tax return but are not sure if you know how? Prepare your return here to use an easy web application. If you get stuck you can send us the tax file you started and we can pick up where you left off.
Female preparing taxes online using a laptop
Doing financial planning using pen and paper

Financial Planning

With proper planning you can achieve financial independence. We work closely with trained professionals to ensure you are placed on a track that leads to fulfilling your dreams.

Audit Protection

Nobody likes a notice from the government informing you that you are being audited. Audit Protection is available so that we would represent you at no cost in the event of an audit. We will work hard to resolve the audit in your best interest.
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Tax planning with a pen and paper

Tax Planning

Get your ducks in a row now so that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises come April 15th next year. A little planning now means more money in your bank account later!
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