Solutions for Businesses

Tax Resolution

Tax codes are ever-changing an seem to be never ending! At Brammer & Associates we learn the codes so you don’t have to! We will make sure your tax return is prepared in a quick and accurate manner.

Tax Resolution

IRS problems? We can help. Nobody wants the IRS on their back and we have the experience to help you be free again. We work closely with tax attorneys to help get closure as quickly as possible.

Payroll Services

We can handle all aspects of your payroll including direct deposit, payroll taxes, W-2s, etc. This way you can focus on developing your business instead of on laws and regulations tied to payroll.

Financial Statements

We can compile statements so that you can better understand the financial status of your company. This helps you make better management decisions and is typically required when you apply for any kind of financing.

Audit Protection

Nobody likes a notice from the government informing you that you are being audited. Audit Protection is available so that we would represent you at no cost in the event of an audit. We will work hard to resolve the audit in your best interest.

Business Entity Start-Up

There are many tasks that need to be completed in order to get your business set up–from government applications to financing. At Brammer & Associates we have a network of attorneys and bankers that can help you get up an running with ease. We treat each case individually and provide expert service accordingly.
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